Founder of SL LLC + Working with Festivals

Thanks to the extensive and successful experience in co-production of General Producer Katerina Tarbo-Ignatenko, Spirito Libero LLC, having started its activity in 2021, was able to participate and create several feature and documentary projects at once, to acquire international partners among both production houses and leading OTT platforms.

In 2022, the company opened an international office in Serbia, Belgrade.
In 2023, a second international office was opened in France, Paris.



First International Debut Film Festival of the Eurasian continent
continent 1/6


CINEMA HERITAGE International Film Festival

Working with partners and sponsors

Promotion of the film "Bauryna Salu" at the SSIFF festival 

Collaboration with Eastwood agency of festival promotion company

BIFF (Bishkek International Film Festival)

Moderating on the business platform of CAF coproduction pitching. Jury member


Jury member and mentor for Almaty Film Lab pitching contestants at Bastau International Film Festival, Kazakhstan